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Klopp Talk: It’s About Showing Resilience

It’s also about the attitude, says the boss.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

A 2-1 win against Tottenham, no matter how stressful it was, is always a good thing. After the last few results in the league (which we’re absolutely not talking about), it feels even better. Liverpool put on a strong show in the first half, but apparently forgot they were meant to be protecting the 2-0 lead they secured after the second half kicked off. The Reds were at least once by the crossbar, which should give you a clear idea of just how nervy the end of the game was. For Jurgen Klopp, there’s no reason to focus on anything beyond the game itself.

“Look, this is a completely normal game for us. Last year we nearly won all four competitions, but drew twice against Tottenham, so winning here is incredibly difficult,” Klopp told the club’s website. “It is not about now that we have to play all the time like this or whatever. What we have to show is the attitude, the commitment to defending. That’s what we have to show all of the time, definitely, 100 per cent.”

“What we have to show is that we are not punched too hard when you concede a goal. I liked that tonight; I didn’t want to concede a goal, but I thought the reaction afterwards was good. Of course, the opponent’s stadium back and everything, it’s really difficult, but everybody was 100 per cent in and threw everything in and that’s what I liked the most. You cannot be consistent by just playing all the time outstandingly well, it’s all about showing the resilience we showed tonight. This is not the start or whatever, we are in a phase, we realised already and spoke about it, but for tonight we couldn’t reach more than three points. We got them and that’s massive.”

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