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Klopp Talk: Milner is an Exceptional Player

The boss pays homage to Milner on his 600th Premier League appearance

Liverpool FC v Southampton FC - Premier League Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

One of the many things to talk about after Liverpool’s 3-1 win against Southampton (beyond the three points and the fact that we’re headed into a World Cup for some reason) is the fact that James Milner became the fourth player to make 600 appearances in the Premier League. Milner has made 211 appearances with Liverpool, and Jurgen Klopp was excited to celebrate the 36-year-old this weekend.

“There are a lot of things that [need to] come together: you must be a really good player, which obviously James is, you must be a top, top, top, top, top professional because our body is our body and what we put in we get, pretty much,” Klopp said after the match. “If it’s too much it’s not right, if it’s not enough it’s not right. If you do the right training, it’s OK, if you do the wrong training, it’s still training but it’s not OK. I am really proud to be around when he reached that milestone. He is an exceptional player and an exceptional person. He is essential for everything we reached in the last few years.”

“I’ve said it a lot of times and it’s the 100 per cent truth. Today was a really big day for us as well because we knew it was 599 and there was actually no chance and no result where James wouldn’t come on. He had concussion and then a little muscle problem; not massive, but a little one. He was ready for today with one session and it’s cool, absolutely cool. Well deserved, big, but it’s just Premier League? So that means with Champions League and all the cup competitions he is at 800 or so probably. Wow, massive! A good career, let me say it like this. And not finished, how you could see. He is very helpful for us still. He knows everything about the game because [with] the emotions he is not always using the right tools, but he can set the tone. He did that when he came on today and I am really pleased for him.”

James Milner himself is excited to see the team continue to perform well after the World Cup:

“As soon as we come back the games come thick and fast again, so it’s an important period again,” Milner said. “It’s going to be [about] making sure we get the balance right of getting the rest and being ready to come back in. Straight back into it. It’s good to see more of the performances we want to see these last few weeks, a bit more consistency, that’s important.”

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