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Matip: Our Expectations Are Higher Than This

Joël Matip didn’t shy away from admitting Liverpool simply aren’t living up to expectations after another disappointing result against Brighton.

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Liverpool FC v Brighton & Hove Albion - Premier League Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Yesterday’s 3-3 draw against Brighton at Anfield followed the same formula as many of Liverpool’s matches over the first quarter of the Premier League campaign. They were disorganized and out of sorts at the back, Brighton got the first (and second) goal, and despite clawing back into the game, the Reds still showed signs of serious flaws in the system.

It’s similar to the way many of the matches thus far have played out, and it’s looking more and more like there are legitimate flaws in the system rather than this being just a poor run of form.

Speaking with the Liverpool FC website after the match, Joël Matip highlighted the need to improve across the board.

“Brighton played really good, started really well. We didn’t come through and they made our life quite hard. The second half was an improvement, but our expectations are higher than this,” admitted Matip.

In a vacuum, it may be possible to take some positives away from the way the match played out, but Matip had a hard time finding any positive takeaways and it’s not hard to blame him given the poor run of results over the first leg of this campaign.

“I’m not sure about this,” Matip admitted when asked what positives can be taken from the match. “We can be happy about the one point because Brighton really played good. But we just have to be better, start better and show our quality.”

When asked more specifically about the individual contributions of Roberto Firmino on the day, Matip was able to give him some credit for giving the Reds a chance.

“He’s brilliant, a brilliant connecting player and now he scores even more. It’s brilliant to have him in our side and even in a not-good game like today he had some opportunities and used them.”

As for what comes next, the Reds have plenty of chances to try and find their game again over the next few months. They play 13 games over the next 6 weeks before the World Cup break.

“There are a lot of games and a lot of points to win, and we have to use the time and get back on track again.”

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