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Klopp Talk: Liverpool Are Not in the Title Race

We all knew this but it’s good to know the team’s on the same page.

Arsenal FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Robin Jones/Getty Images

It’s rough to be in the position that Liverpool are in—with points dropped in six of their first eight matches—especially after the performances we’ve all become used to. Liverpool are looking slow, tactically poor, and frankly like they don’t really know how to be a solid team. It’s no wonder that Klopp had some frank responses to questions about Liverpool and the title race.

“Yeah, [we’re] not in the title race,” he said after the Arsenal defeat. “Imagine if I would sit here and think we are nearly there, wait. Look, we saw a lot of things. So we have problems in the moment but because the team in form, the leader of the table… even in a really bad situation for us with early changes of stuff, we caused them real problems, so that’s the truth as well. Of course, in a situation like ours, we play Arsenal, now we play Rangers obviously and then we play Man City, is that the perfect opponent for finding confidence back? Probably not. But we will go out there and fight and that’s what we have to do and that’s what we will do. And we are not here for being happy with the situation we are in and stuff like this and thinking about last year and nearly there and nearly there – not at all, nobody of us is like that.”

“But it is always like this, in a situation like this: you can ask all the questions, but my answers, I cannot change really a lot,” he added. “If you are winning, there are five million things we could talk about, ‘He’s great, he’s great and he’s super, and the goals were outstanding.’ Losing is always the same, the conversations are a bit more rusty. I cannot change that, I couldn’t be bothered about it, to be honest. But we work on solutions – today I saw, how I said, some of them. But what you build with your hand you knock down with your backside, that’s not helpful and that’s what we did today. That makes it obviously even more difficult but we will keep going.”

Hopefully the hand and the backside figure out what they’re doing and work together starting very, very soon. It sounds like everyone needs a win.

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