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Peter Krawietz Speaks Ahead Of FA Cup Match

Assistant manager Peter Krawietz does the pre-Shrewsbury press conference

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Over the past few seasons the press conference ahead of a domestic cup tie has been an opportunity for an assistant manager at Liverpool to speak to the press. Usually it is Pep Lijnders who does the honors, but he’s in isolation because of a positive coronavirus test. So, today we got to here from long time Jurgen Klopp assistant Peter Krawietz!

It is unsure if Klopp will be back on the touchline for Sunday’s third round FA Cup tie against Shrewsbury, should he not be, Krawietz will lead the team.

“We hope so, of course.” Krawietz said when asked about whether Klopp would be there or not. “He is well so far, he feels fine but of course as well the regulations are how they are and for this he has to do tests as well. And we hope he will be fine to be in tomorrow, yes.”

Pretty much the sole focus in the Liverpool sphere this week has been focused on the coronavirus stuff, however there is actually a match happening Sunday. Krawietz, thankfully, seems prepared for the match!

“Yes, Shrewsbury of course will be a tough opponent. Tough because of their quality, this is a team who play proper football. They play quick forward, they will want to attack us for sure, they have threats. They have strong strikers, they have direction in their game. They have a compact defending formation for sure, it is a team that is well managed, you can see that. They will have their targets and our situation is not ideal as well. We trained now since yesterday again and we will try to prepare as good as possible for this game tomorrow. But, of course, we are looking forward to it, we will have an exciting team tomorrow on the pitch and we hope we do as well as we can.”

Liverpool’s first team has been decimated with positive tests, so it’s likely we’ll see a bunch of youth players.

“I hope that excitement is the right word for that.” He said when asked if the team is excited for debutants. “Looking forward to that game. I hope they can’t wait until the game starts and it is the opposite of being nervous. Of course, we try to make them as confident as they should be and as focused as they need to be. That’s how we try to prepare them for that game. In football it is always like that, it is not about trying to avoid mistakes, it’s all about the reaction on mistakes. Can we expect a perfect set-up for tomorrow? No, of course we can’t but we can always show the right and perfect reaction to what is happening on the pitch. This is what we try to do, a proper team performance with experienced leaders in the team and young players who will get this fantastic experience to play at Anfield and feel the support of our supporters.”

In normal circumstances a match in the third round of the FA Cup against a third division team would be pretty routine. This one is obviously shaping up to not be that at all.

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