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LFC and Roberto Firmino Release A Youth Fashion Range

The Brazilian forward is known for his drip, as the kids say

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Norwich City v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

If you have been around this site for a little while, you know that we admire Roberto Firmino. The Brazilian forward is one of the best players at exploiting space and dragging defenders out of shape, has amazing work ethic and grit, and by gawd the man has style. That style in the field is reflected in his fashion sense off the field, where Firmino is almost as well known for his drip as the kids say.

For the more elderly inclined, you could say he has that samba sauce.

I mean, who can forget the metal tie?!?!

To capitalize on Firmino’s fashion sense, Liverpool worked with the player to create a collaborative range for kids. Firmino has already dipped his toes into the design world with a sunglasses collection, but this is his first clothing line.

It’s also the first time that Liverpool have collaborated with an individual player. Firmino was very excited to see his creations released to the public.

“Creating a first-of-its-kind collection for the young LFC fans is incredibly exciting,” said the Brazilian.

“We wanted to design a range that helps youngsters show off their own personal edge and fun side, while celebrating their love for football – you wear the pieces how you choose. Our young fans will be inspired with the style and influences from my own Brazilian heritage.”

This should be fun for those with their own kids (or kids that they get to spoil). It will be interesting to see if the collaboration progresses to have items for adults in the future.

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