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A Look Into Jordan Henderson’s Contract Negotiations

After a stalemate of a contract negotiation, Henderson finally signed on for 4 more years.

Jordan Henderson Signs a Contract Extension at Liverpool Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Maybe not the news that anyone was looking forward to yesterday, but on deadline day Jordan Henderson signed a new contact that will keep him at the club until the summer of 2025 - four more years and potentially to the end of his career.

There was some speculation a few weeks ago thanks to the likes of James Pearce likely looking for something new to write, that the club had yet to offer Henderson a suitable new contract to replace the one that was due to expire in two years time. While the powers that be had been focusing on locking down our defense for the next few years, Henderson seemed a weird player to let languish for a while - being the winningest captain of Premier League era and all.

So this writer, also a Jordan and therefore is gifted with the telepathic connection that comes with being nametwins (much like actual twins), had to figure out what the hold up must have been. Here’s what I got.

Jordan Henderson: I’d like to sign a new contract and stay here as long as possible.

Michael Edwards: Eh, I don’t know mate, you’ve had some injuries, and you’re only getting older.

Henderson: I don’t want a wage increase, I just want to help the team.

Edwards: Yeah, but how much are you going to help the team from the bench. Honestly.

Henderson: How much does Milly help the team from the bench?

Edwards: I don’t know, you tell me.

Henderson: Better yet...

Jürgen Klopp has entered the chat.

Klopp: What is this?

Henderson: Our boy Mikey doesn’t want to give me a new contract.

Edwards: I didn’t say that.

Henderson: He says I won’t help the team.

Klopp: * insert German curse words *

Klopp: Milly helps the team from the bench and he is everyone’s grandfather.

Edwards: Yes and he’s on significantly less wages.

Henderson: Who played through a knee injury against Barcelona to get us to the semi-finals of the Champions League?

Edwards and Klopp: You did.

Henderson: Who led the team to a consecutive Champions League final, that we finally won?

Edwards and Klopp: You did.

Henderson: Who consistently plays the worst positions that are not beneficial to a midfielder at all, if it means that the other players shine? Including center back and right back?

Klopp: You do.

Henderson: Who just wants to see his career out at the club that he’s given everything to, regardless of where I end up, either starting or on the bench, because I can accept my playing abilities, unlike some former captains?

Edwards and Klopp: ...

Henderson: Well?

Klopp: ...Give our captain a contract, Michael.

Michael Edwards slides over another piece of paper that just says, “Please don’t leave us until at least 2025.”

Jordan Henderson signs it.

Henderson: That wasn’t so hard, right?

That’s essentially how it went down, eventually. Thankfully, our selfless and caring captain is with us, regardless of where he plays, until 2025 and he turns 35, and hopefully long after that.

Now about quitting an England team that doesn’t appreciate him...

Note: This is obviously fiction, I nor The Liverpool Offside are in no way involved with Jordan Henderson’s contract negotiations, or the club itself.

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