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Klopp Talk: “Insane that We Came This Close”

The mentality monsters are back at it again.

Burnley v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

What looked like a lost season for Liverpool FC two months, has now completely flipped in the most remarkable of ways. Liverpool stand on the precipice of Champions League qualification. One more league game against Crystal Palace at Anfield awaits, a terrifying thought for any Liverpool fan but the team has its own fate in its hands. Win, and it’s likely that Liverpool FC will be playing Champions League football next season. Jürgen Klopp is very much aware of the drastic turn in fortunes for the team:

I couldn’t be more pleased. It is not that we took these things for granted.

February was the last time we were in the top four and we didn’t win a lot of games since then. In the last eight or 10 games, I don’t know how many, we are back on track.

If we win on Sunday then we are probably qualified for the Champions League. It’s insane that we came this close but we are not through yet. It looks like the timing is right but it is not done yet.

When you win the semi-final you go to a final and that’s where we are. We will give our absolute everything.

Leave it all on the pitch this weekend, boys.

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