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Manchester United vs. Liverpool Derby Delayed by Fan Protest

About 200 fans stormed the grounds at Old Trafford and kickoff has been delayed.

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images


The Premier League clash between Manchester United and Liverpool scheduled to kick-off at Old Trafford today has been postponed. Reports suggest 6:30PM BST/1:30PM EST is the earliest possible kickoff time for the match but as yet there is no confirmation.

About 200 Manchester United fans entered Old Trafford and stormed the pitch in protest of the ownership of the club by the Glazer family. This has been triggered by the recent decision to join a new European Super League - a move that was spearheaded by the management of Liverpool and Manchester United among the English clubs, and the likes of Real Madrid elsewhere in Europe.

They then pulled out of the Super League following an outcry from fans and pundits, but the damage was already done.

United fans have also long expressed their dissatisfaction with the American owners, owing to their recent string of dismal transfer decisions, management issues and underperforming years for the behemoth club.

Fans also staged a protest outside the players’ hotel, and surrounded the vehicles of referee Michael Oliver, and Gary Neville as they approached Old Trafford, BBC Sport reports.

“This is the consequence of the owners of Manchester United’s actions two weeks ago. There’s a general distrust and dislike of the owners, but people weren’t protesting before this happened. Generally, the Glazer family along with a number of other owners of football clubs in this country were conniving and scheming behind everyone’s back to walk away with the crown jewels. Today we’ve seen people protest at that”, Gary Neville said, speaking on Sky Sports.

The clubs have released their respective lineups, and the match is expected to kick-off after a pitch clean-up.

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