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Digging Deeper Into Liverpool’s Victory Over West Bromwich Albion

Alisson Becker is a legend.

West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

What’re you supposed to say when that happens? How can you make sense of it? It’s literally impossible. With the season on the line in the 95th minute Liverpool need a goal to keep their top four hopes alive. We’ve seen Liverpool score late winners before, but never have we seen Liverpool score a late winner because of their goalkeeper scoring. Alisson Becker rises up for a beautiful header and slots it home. I’ve rewritten and reread that sentence about 45 times to make sure it’s true. It is.

I still can’t believe what’s happened. This season, man. These columns are supposed to provide insight and analysis to what happened, but all I’ve got right now is deeply spiritual sighs, thanking whatever god may or may not be real. I know which god Alisson believes in because he’s a bit of a bible verse posting type of guy over on Instagram, so I guess that’s who we believe in today. Maybe tomorrow too. A goalkeeper goal to win a game in the 95th minute can do that kind of thing to you, I guess.

Winners and Losers


Alisson Becker. The main man. The #1 in your heart. Forever and ever amen.

I mean, come on. Are you kidding me? Fucking hell. The man is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. Have you seen his eyes? His beard? The way he looks in that all black kit? I mean, seriously. And now I have to cope with him scoring a 95th minute winner to save a cursed Liverpool season. The best to ever do it. Good game before the goal too, must be said.

The man has had to deal with losing his father in the most tragic of circumstances imaginable during a global pandemic. He can’t even fly home and hug his mom. Unreal. I hope this gives him a bit of an uplift on a year he wants to forget.

You and me and the rest of us

These last 14 months have been awful. We’ve had to watch Liverpool win their first league title in 30 years inside of an empty stadium. We’ve all be alone for a year. And then we couldn’t celebrate. Then the next season started in empty grounds. Then the season got derailed because Liverpool lost an entire starting XI worth of players. Then it was a few months of even more injuries and awful results. Then the Super League bullshit happened. Then hope started creeping in. Then Liverpool trounced Manchester United at Old Trafford. Then Alisson Becker rises up like Christ on Easter to head home a 95th minute winner against an already relegated West Brom.

The only thing that would’ve made today better is if we were all together. These boys are fighting to give us something to have for when we’re together again soon. In the ground and in our bars.


Big Wet Sam

If you get a chance to watch Sam Allardyce’s post game interview, you should. It’s classic Big Sam, but this quote in particular makes it worth it. Just a big ole loser. Hope he never manages in the Premier League again. Unless Everton want to hire him again.

Thomas Tuchel

Things have gone a bit sideways in the blue part of London this weekend. After a phenomenal start to his career at Chelsea, Tactics Thommy has a problem on his hands. He lost the FA Cup Final on Saturday to Leicester City. Things can get even worse as their top 4 hopes aren’t entirely in their hands as they have to face Leicester City again in the Premier League. Then they’ve got to face Manchester City in the Champions League Final. A week ago it was looking like Chelsea could do a double and finish top 4 comfortably. Now it’s looking like none of those things could happen.

What Happens Next?

Two games left in the season. Two more games to feel alive. If Liverpool can collect 6 points from Burnley and Crystal Palace, I’m confident they’ll finish top 4. C’mon boys. Don’t let us down.

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