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Now is the Right Time for FSG to Sell, Says Robbie Fowler

He hopes for this momentum to “challenge the whole direction of football now”.

Liverpool FC v Norwich City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

After the embarrassing moves of joining and then exiting the proposed European Super League, Fenway Sports Group have been in the doghouse amidst fans and pundits alike. And some are calling for their removal altogether.

Included in this group is former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler, who believes that if FSG were “ever thinking of selling the club, then now would probably be the right time”.

In his column for the Mirror, Fowler highlighted FSG’s indiscretions of the recent past.

“It’s not the first time Fenway Sports Group have got it wrong: ticketing, ­furlough, even the Project Big ­Picture which they and United were behind. The reaction to that alone should have set the alarm bells ringing over any Super League breakaway”, he said.

“That it didn’t says they don’t ­understand their fan base”, he added.

He pointed to Liverpool’s working-class ethic that figureheads like Bill Shankly and Jurgen Klopp have respected and upheld in their handling of club matters, and he believes that FSG have not grasped it in the same way.

“God knows what Shanks would have made of these Super League plans – and I think it would be the same as Klopp truly feels now, ­without being able to really say it – but the ruthlessness of it all, the sheer naked opportunism and the awful timing of it leaves a sour taste”, he wrote.

“I’d actually like to see changes in ­ownership which gives the fans far more direct influence. I know many of Liverpool’s fans would like to see a change of ­ownership now – and United fans for that matter.

“I hope the momentum can be used to challenge the whole ­direction of football now.”

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