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Real Madrid Chief Insists Super League ‘Not Dead Yet’

With the breakaway effort falling apart, the Real Madrid and Super League chairman claims some clubs have “not left yet.”

Real Zaragoza v Real Madrid - Copa del Rey: Round of 16 Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The abomination known as the Super League has met with a grisly end. And yet, there are still those who refuse to let the idea die a natural death, including Super League chairman and lead conspirator Florentino Perez.

The Spaniard, in addition to heading the now not-so-super league, leads Real Madrid as one of the three “founding” clubs still remaining of the 12 that announced the breakaway effort this past Sunday. Along with Madrid, only Barcelona and Juventus are yet to concede to the inevitable, with Perez continuing to give interview after ill-advised interview in its defense.

“The founder clubs believed in this project. It is not dead. We will keep working,” Perez was quoted to have said according to The Athletic’s Dermot Corrigan.

“We’re going to continue working,” said the Madrid head honcho continued elsewhere in his PR tour. “The project is on standby.”

“You cannot get out of the contract like this - they are binding contracts,” he added.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta backed up his La Liga rival by not even trying to hide the fact that money, and not sporting integrity or high quality competition, has been the driving force behind the whole farce:

“We will speak more about it when the time comes but for now we understand there is a need for it, even though our members will have the final say,” Laporta told Catalan network TV3.

“Big clubs contribute a lot of resources and it’s absolutely necessary that we have our say on the distribution of money [in European football].”

The continued defiance from the biggest clubs in world football should be warning that although this battle has ultimately gone to the good guys, the war is far from over.

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