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Robbo: “Nobody Touches Trent”

He’s got your back, Trent.

Leicester City v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold’s dual ascension into starting fullbacks for Liverpool FC coincided with lots of success. Since then, we’ve seen them engage in season-long assist competitions, and even host their own web series together. Naturally, Robbo has something to say about the scrutiny Trent has faced as of late. At Liverpool’s pre-match press conference for the return leg at Anfield against Real Madrid, he spoke fondly of his fellow fullback’s abilities:

For me, it’s a sign of a world-class player. When world-class players don’t perform to the level they have done then people criticise them more. People criticise them more than your normal player, for me, I know it’s hard for Trent, but he should take it as some form of compliment.

The fact that so much noise has been made about him. But, for me, the teammates and somebody who is close to him and cares about him, it’s just about trying to keep his confidence at the highest level because when it’s like that then nobody touches him.

I thought on Saturday, he put on a very good performance. I thought against Arsenal, he was excellent. Of course, he struggled against Madrid, but we all did. Not one of us played well. But more gets said about Trent’s performances than anybody else.”

From being labelled a defensive liability by the media and fans after Madrid to scoring a last-minute winner on the weekend... it really was a wild week for Trent, which perfectly encapsulates the up and downs of being a footballer. Liverpool FC are backed into a corner. They’ll have to chase the game with urgency, and maybe being on the front foot will suit Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson just fine.

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