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Klopp Incredulous at Liverpool’s Recent Anfield Record

Klopp was shocked in an off-camera moment when he realized how long it had been since Liverpool won at Anfield.

Liverpool v Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

“Since before Christmas?”

That was the incredulous exclamation made by Jurgen Klopp before his post-Villa interview with the official site. The moment was caught by the film crew and released as part of the footage in the latest Inside Anfield video posted on YouTube.

It’s Klopp who asks the question in the first place: “When was the last game we won and we had an interview here?”

The interviewer answers, “Yeah, Spurs. Before Christmas.”

Klopp appears genuinely floored by this discovery. He laughs in disbelief — which I guess is better than crying — and clarifies, “Really, it was Spurs?” Then he shakes his head and gets on with the interview.

You can watch the interaction in the video below.

As a bonus, watch through the interview until Klopp walks away. The camera stays on him, and you can see him give a little fist pump of excitement on his own.

This video series isn’t as fun without the sound of the Kop roaring when the Reds score, but it’s still entertaining to hear the players yelling directions at each other. Plus, Trent’s goal was worth watching again, even if the only person you can hear cheering is the cameraman.

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