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Taskmaster’s Alex Horne Talks About Being a Red

Virgil van Dijk would apparently be the best current player on Taskmaster, which honestly sounds right.

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Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

There’s been a massive uptick in folks in isolation watching (and rewatching and then rewatching again) Taskmaster. Given we’re in a break from men’s team football, it makes sense that the club’s website took time to chat with Taskmaster’s Alex Horne about being a Liverpool fan and which players would be best on the show.

“I don’t know about you, but if I’m talking with my mates, we quite often try to imagine which footballers would enjoy our company,” Horne said. “It’s not often a huge list. But I’ve managed to get to know Peter Crouch a bit thankfully doing a show last summer and I met Jamie Redknapp through that. Both of them would be great at Taskmaster, especially Jamie who’s really competitive and takes himself seriously but he knows where to draw the line. Both of them would be great.”

“But out of the current squad, it’s got to be Virgil van Dijk. Because I think he’s the best at everything and I think he’s got a really good sense of humour. I think he’s the coolest man in the world and you can do the show with an injury, so this would be a good outlet for him while he’s out!”

I don’t know about you, but I would pay very good money to see the entire Liverpool squad take part in tasks like who can eat the most melon in a minute, identifying what’s in a series of increasingly bizarre pies without opening them, and using a plastic bag to score the most impressive goal possible. If the Reds were to do something like this, though, they likely wouldn’t have Alex scoring their attempts.

“I think I’d be tongue-tied [if I met the squad],” he said. “I’ve met quite a few famous people but current footballers, even though they’re all half my age now, I think I wouldn’t be able to cope with it.”

You can read the whole interview on the official website.

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