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Sadio Mane Opens Up About Difficult Season

The Liverpool star has the right attitude

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool - Premier League - Molineux Stadium Photo by Paul Ellis/PA Images via Getty Images

Sadio Mane is usually not one to talk to the media, so when he does, we listen. Players usually get some time to reflect while on international duty and it seems like Sadio has thought a lot about how hard this season has been. He opened up while speaking with reporters while on international duty with Senegal.

“In football – and in life in general – you can’t expect anything and for years and years this complicated situation has not happened,” Mane said. “We have always been successful, but now this has happened and we can see it is like how life is.”

“To change it? Nothing else but stick together, be positive and fight. This is what we try to do to change this situation and I’m sure that it will change. I am more proud than ever to be a Liverpool player.”

This is certainly the right attitude we want to see from the players in the dressing room.

“I am happy, I am really enjoying being here and sharing the pitch with my teammates for Liverpool Football Club. Let’s be honest, we are in a difficult time and this sometimes happens to teams, which again is part of football.”

“We have to deal with the situation and not stop believing, but keep fighting, keep our motivation and go again. When you are a fighter you never try to make excuses. We are here to find solutions.

“Being together with my teammates always gives me high energy. You can see the quality of the team and if you came to the dressing room. I think you would have no other option than to see your future like it is going to be bright because with this squad and this team there is the attitude and belief that everything will change.”

It seems like Sadio is suggesting that he wants to stick around at Liverpool and right the ship, which is awesome to see.

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