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Henderson: Team is “Very Disappointed”

I mean, yeah.

Liverpool v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

I mean, what’s really there to say? The season has been a rollercoaster as we expected it to be when the FA announced it would be taking place while a pandemic was raging, and Liverpool (like a lot of other teams) have been riddled with injuries, COVID, and poor performances that seem unavoidable given everything around us. Is it still a pity that the team made several mistakes that gifted Manchester City their goals? Yes. Is there anything we can do apart from look at resting and recovering from the absolute chaos of this season? No.

“[We’re] very disappointed with the result, of course,” Jordan Henderson told the club website when the dust had settled at Anfield. “The end result I didn’t really think reflected the performance, to be honest. But [we] made mistakes in the wrong moment and we got punished. City are a very good side, especially going forward, and they punished us when we did make the mistakes. But, overall, I think actually if you look at just the performance, I thought the performance for the majority of the game was pretty good. [We] competed really well, it was more like the performance we’re used to. But, like I say, in the wrong moment mistakes cost us.”

We won’t talk about the mistakes because they were genuinely farcical and there’s no need to beat an extremely dead horse now. It’s hard to really see where the positives in the performance are with City’s second and third goals firmly etched in our minds, but the team was focused and performing well until the two errors that seemed to shake absolutely everyone on the team.

“Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t brilliant,” Henderson added. “But I thought large parts of it were more like us – on the front foot, defending high, winning the ball back quickly. I didn’t think we deserved to lose by that much, but then again we’ve made costly errors that have cost us, so we can’t have any arguments, to be honest.”

Liverpool thankfully get a break until next Saturday when they take on Leicester City.

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