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RB Leipzig 0, Liverpool 2 - Match Recap: Red Bull Gives You Goals

The hosts gift Liverpool two second half away goals, and the Reds trot off deserved winners on the night.

RB Leipzig v Liverpool FC - UEFA Champions League Round Of 16 Leg One Photo by Laszlo Szirtesi/Getty Images

RB Leipzig 0 - 2 Liverpool

Energy Drink: N/A
Reds: Salah 53’, Mané 58’


I’ve put down my pan galactic gargle blaster long enough to put some pre-match thoughts or ramblings into this thing. Honestly, I’m not even sure what we’re doing here. I love the Champions League. European Nights are special. But we’re playing home and away at two neutral venues in front of no one. Half our team is injured. People are literally dying, including Klopp’s mom. What are we doing here?!

Someone’s going to go out of Europe this year on away goals where neither team has technically played away. Let’s hope it’s not us.

As to the actual football, we’re running out as strong of a lineup as you could hope for. Captain Jordan Henderson continues as a makeshift defender, and Ozan Kabak gets his second nod for the Reds. The front three are the front three, and the midfield consists of Thiago, Gini Wijnaldum, and Curtis Jones.

First Half

Liverpool start quickly and there’s space to play for a nice change of pace! Hooray European football! But as soon as I have something nice to say, Leipzig get in and send a free header off the post. The Reds remain just as shaky at the back as they have in recent weeks.

The next big chances come to Liverpool. Mohamed Salah gets played in a couple of times in quick succession, but just couldn’t find the final pass on the first effort, and can’t beat the keeper with his second. Either way, good stuff from the Reds. Of course—and stop me if you’ve heard this recently—burying some of these chances would be nice.

Halfway through the half, and this game is being played at a lightning pace. It’s a hell of a match so far. I’d probably enjoy it more as a neutral fan. But as not a neutral, Liverpool are once again playing brilliantly until the final ball.

Close! Robbo nearly catches the keeper out of goal after he comes a long way off his line for a clearance. Unfortunately his 40+ yard effort just clips the top of the cross bar and out. Unlucky!

Moments later, Liverpool finally do manage to put the ball in the back of the net, but it looks like the ball just goes out of play first. Getting closer.

It was a really good half from the Reds, but their struggles in front of goal continue. If Liverpool play another half like that, a big away win is very much in the cards. Then again, I thought that after the first half against Leicester, so what do I know?

Second Half

Alisson comes up big to start the half, making a point-blank save after a Leipzig attacker goes through on goal. It’ll do the Brazilian keeper a world of good after his recent troubles.

GOAL! And wouldn’t you know it? It’s Mo Salah! It’s a terrible back pass from the “home” side, and Salah is alive to it. He pounces and finishes with aplomb.

GOAL!! Another Leipzig defensive error and another Liverpool goal! What would you know, the ball is round after all. Jones lumps a ball forward in the vague direction of Sadio Mané, but the Leipzig defender slips, and Sadio was free to run through on goal. Like Mo before him, he finishes with confidence.

RB Leipzig have responded well to the second goal, and are having a little bit of a spell. They’ve upped their pressing in their attacking third, and Liverpool are having a difficult time coping for a few minutes.

On seventy minutes Kloppo makes his first change: bringing Xherdan Shaqiri and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on for Roberto Firmino and Thiago.

Five minutes left of regular time to play, and the pace has not slowed down. Challenges are flying in left and right as the ball pings around the pitch. It really has been a great game, and it’ll be a great result if Liverpool can hang on.

Leipzig nearly pulls one back right at the death, but thankfully the shot goes just wide of the post. Breathe.

Final Thoughts

Everything is weird at the moment, but Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool still know their way around Europe. It’s a big result and advantage to bring into the second leg, wherever it might be. The bit of good luck around the goals and the clean sheet will surely do the lads a world of good.

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