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NHS Thanks Jordan Henderson And NHS Charities Together For Mental Health Assistance

The charity started by the captain in 2020 has helped to provide vital mental health tools to those working in healthcare during the pandemic.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Just another year end reminder that Jordan Henderson Is A Good Person - this time coming from a radiology nurse in Liverpool named Jenny that has directly benefited from the money raised by our captain’s involvement with the NHS Charities Together trust.

Henderson joined the fund during the first lockdown period of 2020, seeking to use his influence to support those who continue to work tirelessly to heal the rest of us by starting the Players Together initiative. The fund has, to date, been able to allocate grants to their 238 charities and support over 600 projects across the United Kingdom. As we’re all well aware by now, Henderson himself has a particular relationship with the NHS as it was NHS hospitals in Sunderland that were able to provide the vital care to his father while battling cancer in 2014.

The NHS Charities Together Instagram page recently posted a snippet of Jenny’s story, describing how the fund was able to help provide mental health assistance when she desperately needed it due to the pressures and heartbreak of the current pandemic.

“Having access to Wellbeing Hubs and immediate psychological services were quite literally a life saver,” Jenny said.

“The Hubs are a safe, quiet, restful place to visit where I was able to receive psychological first aid, kindness and reassurance that someone was listening to my concerns.

“I was given a psychologist straight away who helped with tools to bring me to where I am today. The psychologist has been vital in my recovery journey. It was good to know it’s alright to not be alright sometimes.”

While mental health awareness has become sort of a buzzword in the last few years, it has truly reached a crisis level, and efforts like Henderson’s and Charities Together’s are more important than ever. Seeing those funds go to work in a truly supportive way is something magical - almost unfathomable. A charity and it’s funds going to what it says it will? How nice and hard to believe.

I know I can be a broken record sometimes when Jordan Henderson does something nice, but when the fruits of that goodwill labor start to show themselves, they deserve to be celebrated. There is so much in the world about how terrible humans are, and it’s true humans are terrible, but sometimes there are some that are doing good things and using their power to help, rather than hinder. Football players in particular have pretty poor reputations sometimes, and it’s always heartwarming to see one such as Henderson actively work against that public belief.

In addition, Henderson’s father’s JustGiving page to raise money for a new piece of equipment for the Sunderland Royal Hospital - an effort that Jordan himself has donated quite a few match worn shirts towards auction for - is still in effect. If you’re able and would like to, you can donate directly to the fund to help the NHS.

Those lucky enough to live with the socialized medicine of the NHS should be doing every thing they can to protect and support the system and it’s workers. That’s what the Hendersons would want.

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