November 15th & 16th Open Thread

Welcome to the Open Thread, your half-weekly dose of zany TLO randomness. Anything goes, within reason. Buying a house and want advise on the process? Post your questions here! Have a bizarre legal situation arise and need some non-binding legal advice from strangers who claim to be lawyers? We've got dozens of them apparently! Want to make others jealous of the amazing lunch you have waiting in your office fridge? Keep that to yourself we don't need more reminders our cold cut sandwich is going to suck. Have big exciting news and want to get some positive affirmations? We've got plenty for you! On to the schedule:

Monday: Kenya v. Rwanda & Namibia v. Togo (8am ESPN+), Georgia v. Uzbekistan (9am ESPN+), Niger v. Djibouti & Guinea-Bissau v. Sudan (11am ESPN+), Lithuania v. Kuwait (12pm ESPN+), Albania v. Andorra (2:45pm ESPN3), Poland v. Hungary, Austria v. Moldova, Scotland v. Denmark, San Marino v. England, Israel v. Faroe Islands, Switzerland v. Bulgaria, Northern Ireland v. Italy (2:45pm ESPN+)

Tuesday: Vietnam v. Saudi Arabia & Lebanon v. UAE (7am Paramount+), Egypt v. Gabon, Libya v. Angola, Mozambique v. Malawi (8am ESPN+), China v. Australia & Iraq v. South Korea (10am Paramount+), Oman v. Japan & Syria v. Iran (11am Paramount+), Algeria v. Burkina Faso, Nigeria v. Cape Verde Islands, Liberia v. Central African Republic (11am ESPN+), Belarus v. Jordan (12pm ESPN+), Morocco v. Guinea, Cameroon v. Côte d'Ivoire, Mauritania v. Equatorial Guinea (2pm ESPN+), Wales v. Belgium (2:45pm ESPN2), Gibraltar v. Latvia (2:45pm ESPN3), Finland v. France, Montenegro v. Turkey, Netherlands v. Norway, Czech Republic v. Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Ukraine (2:45pm ESPN+), Jamaica v. USMNT (5pm Paramount+), Panama v. El Salvador & Costa Rica v. Honduras (8:05pm Paramount+), Canada v. Mexico (9:05pm Paramount+)

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