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Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jordan Henderson Discuss Racism and Equality

The two Liverpool leaders sat down for a video in honor of Black History Month.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

October is Black History Month in England, and Trent Alexander-Arnold and Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson sat down to talk about the importance of equality.

Both men focused on education and the way that they, as footballers, can help push along the conversation and change minds. Trent made an interesting point that the concept of taking a knee isn’t meant for older generations who have been entrenched in racist thinking their whole lives. Instead it’s for the “five years old, six year olds” who are watching their idols make a statement and getting influenced by that at a young age.

Henderson walked a careful line, pointing out that he’s trying his best to be an ally but doesn’t himself have experience being racially abused.

Trent admitted that growing up in Liverpool, there were areas of the city that he and his brothers avoided at certain times of the day or night because he didn’t feel safe there, and he hopes that being a Scouser on the team sharing his stories and spreading the message of racial tolerance will help his community.

You can watch the discussion free on YouTube.

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