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Simeone Explains Handshake Snub

No reported malice from El Cholo.

Atletico Madrid v Liverpool FC: Group B - UEFA Champions League Photo by Pablo Morano/BSR Agency/Getty Images

At the end of the match between Atletico Madrid and Liverpool FC, coach Jürgen Klopp was spotted approaching his opposite number Diego Simeone for a handshake, but the latter was already legging it down the tunnel. Predictably, pundits and media have latched onto the handshake snub, despite Klopp downplaying the incident.

“Yes the situation is clear. I want to shake his hand. His reaction for sure, like mine (when Atletico knocked Liverpool out at Anfield in 2020), was not so cool.”

“The next time we see each other we will shake hands definitely. It’s nothing. He was obviously angry, not with me but with the game. There is nothing else.”

Speaking to Marca, the Atletico Madrid coach explained why:

“A tough match against an opponent who had a great game and usually wins matches by many goals.”

“We didn’t start the match as we wanted but after the second goal we began playing the match we were looking for. We had chances to put ourselves ahead, with the clearest one coming in the second half, but the goalkeeper made another great save. The team responded well to going a man down.”

“I don’t always greet the other coach after the game because I don’t like it. It’s not healthy for either the winner or the loser. I think of it that way. But now, when I see him, I’ll greet him without a problem.”

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