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Pep on Pep: “He Inspired Me”

Pep Lijnders speaks on his namesake.

Liverpool FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool FC Assistant Manager Pep Lijnders was recently on Graham Hunter’s The Big Interview podcast and while on the programme, he was quizzed on his namesake - Manchester City manager and bald sweater connoisseur Pep Guardiola. The pair started discussing what Dutch Pep has in common with the more well-known Pep:

Well, what we have in common is our belief in the way of play I think. That you can achieve a lot with dedicated, specific team training, so he inspired the world with his Barca team, and he also inspired me of course.

“In terms of the dynamic of the offence of football, the ability of each individual, the technical ability of each individual and how he puts that because it comes very close to one of the main guys I grew up with in Johan Cruyff.”

It’s not a surprise that Lijnders is inspired by Guardiola: after all, he’s only 37 years old and a big chunk of his footballing life would have overlapped with the period that saw the latter’s brand of tiki-taka football take over the world. It’s always a joy to listen to Lijnders talk football. He’s infectious and articulate whenever he takes the dais for our pre-game press conferences and perhaps, he’ll have his shot at being manager sooner rather than later.

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