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Jamie Carragher Questions Liverpool Tactics

The Reds lost against Southampton on Monday night.

Manchester City v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus

Liverpool have fallen into a low period, failing to win in three games. It’s safe to say that no Reds fan is happy, and that goes double for former players like Jamie Carragher, who have to watch from the stands as the title holders falter.

After Monday night’s loss against Southampton, Carragher went on Sky Sports and took issue with the team’s performances and their tactics. In particular, he has not been impressed by their decision to try their luck with short corners in the dying moments of the last two matches.

“The way Liverpool played in the first 15 minutes of the second half was fantastic, they penned Southampton in and they couldn’t get out,” he said.

“You’d expect that in the last seven or eight minutes, for Southampton to be hanging on. What summed it up was Liverpool’s corner - can you believe what Liverpool did there?

“They did the same against West Brom. The injury time has gone, you’ve got one last corner, it has to go in the box. You’ve basically got to score in 10 seconds. They played it short, it’s unbelievable.

“This Liverpool team has been amazing, and it still is amazing, but it’s going through one of the first rough patches it’s been through in the last few seasons, but the big worry is where are the goals, and where is the creation? It looks non-existent at the moment, certainly away from home.”

Part of the blame for the flaccid defense could be down to exhaustion and injuries, but with the schedule not letting up any time soon, the team will have to find some way to grind out results.

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