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No, Daniel Agger Is Not In Jail

The former Liverpool defender was forced to respond to bizarre rumors.

Liverpool Legend v Borussia Dortmund Legend Photo by Marcio Machado - Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Russian news outlets exploded over the weekend with the news that Daniel Agger had apparently been arrested for protesting in Moscow in support of Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader. The rumor didn’t come out of nowhere as there was, in fact, a person named “D M Agger” who was listed as awaiting a court date in conjunction with the protests. The man claimed that he was the real Agger, somehow inexplicably traveling to the Russian capital to take part in a political protest.

It may surprise you to learn that this wasn’t really the case. The Agger doppelgänger does share the same name — but only because he legally changed it to match his football idol back in 2009. According to Russian news outlet Baza, the faux-Agger was born Dmitry Kendrel, and his attempts to cheekily evade Russian police were quickly discovered on account of the man...speaking fluent Russian and looking nothing like the real Agger.

Agger was forced to address these rumors to assuage concerned fans on Monday.

He tweeted, “‘There is a bit of confusion out there. I have never said: “ There is only one Daniel Agger.” And now we know for sure. The Daniel Agger mentioned in an incident in Moscow is not me.’ I’m safe and sound in Spain.”

Despite the truly bizarre rumor he had to shoot down — being a celebrity must be so weird — we’re glad that Agger is doing well and living his best life in Spain.

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