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Lovren to Virgil: “Don’t Speed Up Recovery for Euro 2020”

Turns out Dejan had some words of advice when the pair met up recently.

Liverpool FC v Everton FC - Premier League Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Former Liverpool FC defender Dejan Lovren was recently spotted with Virgil van Dijk. He posted a lovely selfie, along with an encouraging message to the cool Dutchman.

In an interview with Sport Express, the self-proclaimed “best defender in the world” spoke about the encounter, and what advice he gave to the actual best defender in the world:

We talked about his recovery, about the knee. You know that Virgil has a serious injury – the cruciate ligaments are damaged. Moreover, when this happened, at first he did not even feel anything: he starts to walk – everything is fine, and after a few steps it gets worse and worse.

But I hope he will be back in service soon. I advised van Dijk not to speed up the recovery for Euro 2020. If the risk of relapse persists, it is best to wait. Virgil is young for a center-back, only 29 years old. There will still be major tournaments in his career.

Dejan Lovren with some sound, calming advice... who would have thought? As the hype around Virgil’s comeback builds, it’s important to remember that he doesn’t have some healing factor, and that a rush job could result in unnecessary setbacks for the big man. Let’s all be patient, and maybe we’ll see Virg at the end of the campaign.

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