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Peter Crouch Apologizes for Liverpool FA Cup Draw

Crouch sealed the Reds’ fate when picked Manchester United.

Newcastle United v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Instead of a match against lower level competition on the fourth round of the FA Cup, Liverpool ended up pulling another game against their rivals Manchester United. And it’s all Peter Crouch’s fault.

Ok, ok, not really. But the former Liverpool player winced and apologized when his fateful choice doomed the Reds to a much more difficult game than they were hoping for. It also ensured that one of the two teams would have to exit the competition early.

“Yeah, I wasn’t planning on that to be honest. It’s a big, big tie. I played in one actually, managed to score the winner - I’ll drop that one in!” Crouch said with his usual brand of easygoing humor.

Liverpool have severely underperformed in the domestic cups in the last years, and part of the reason why is because while other Premier League teams get lower tier competition, the Reds often face Premier League opponents.

In the case of this match, it also means that Liverpool will have to face Manchester United another time very close to their league meeting next week.

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