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Diogo Jota Has Dreamed of Joining “a Club Like Liverpool” Since He Was a Kid

The forward has been working his whole for a move like this

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Liverpool Unveil New Signing Diogo Jota Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Every kid dreams of one day becoming something special. This is especially true for children who participate in sport, who dream about being at the top levels.

Kids become teens and those teens become young adults and they work there way into top tiers of the sport. Only a few become professionals and only a few of those become really, really good at their sport.

Diogo Jota has been working his whole life to be a professional footballer and now he’s moving to Liverpool.

“It’s just a really exciting moment for me and my family,” he told the official club site. “All of my path since I was a kid and now, to join a club like Liverpool – the world champions – is just unbelievable. I just want to get started.”

When he was asked about why he wanted to join them, he said it’s because Liverpool are “one of the best teams in the world – the best at the moment because they are world champions.”

The challenge won’t be easy, though.

“When you look at the Premier League, you always see Liverpool as one of the biggest teams in the country, so it’s impossible to say no,” he continued. “So we just want to come [here], to give our best and hopefully I can become a good option for Liverpool in the future.”

But Jota is a man who loves a challenge. He isn’t coming here just to ride the bench. He wants to play and wants to better himself.

“I think this is the right one,” he said when asked about playing for Liverpool’s Klopp. “Jürgen, I think, is a fantastic coach. I looked at him when I was a kid and he was already playing in Champions League finals, so I’ve known him for a long time – not personally, but now I will. I think it is the right manager for me and at this stage of my career and I think it is a good – and the right – step.”

It’s gotta be tough to compete with the front three at Liverpool, but Diogo seemingly has the right attitude.

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