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Collymore: “Kevin de Bruyne Should Consider Liverpool Move”

The former Liverpool striker thinks it’s a perfect match? I guess?

Manchester City v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus

Despite Liverpool winning the season, Manchester City’s Kevin de Bruyne was crowned the Premier League Player of the Season after several stand-out performances, 13 goals, and 20 assists. And utterly inevitably, we’re now hearing mutterings (from former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore) about how wonderful it’d be for de Bruyne to join forces with the Reds.

“Kevin De Bruyne fully ­deserves to have been named PFA Player of the Year – he has been Mr Consistency at such a high level,” Collymore wrote in the Daily Mirror this weekend. “But that makes me wonder: Isn’t it time he tested himself at Real Madrid, a rejuvenated Barceloa or – here’s one to put the cat among the pigeons – Liverpool?”

“De Bruyne hasn’t yet played for a massive club because Chelsea and Manchester City come with B-grade expectations. At Wolfsburg, it’s a C and Belgium are more of a dark horse than front-runner,” he added, presumably just so he could have dozens of City fans scream at him.

“The only way he can really stamp his greatness on the game is by joining a club at which he’d have A* ­expectations and, at the height of his powers, there isn’t a better time for him to do that. De Bruyne would be the perfect fit for Liverpool.

“He could go in and run a midfield which already has all the attributes to get the best out of him. He could make them a truly great side, one which wins multiple Premier League and Champions League titles.

“I can hear City fans screaming: ‘Nonsense, Stan’. But it’s only ­nonsense if Liverpool don’t have the brass neck or finances to go for it.”

It’s really hard to know where to even begin with Collymore’s take here, so it may be best to just put it down and step away slowly. Suffice to say, it’s incredibly doubtful that de Bruyne is going to be lured away from Manchester City (who may object just the tiniest bit to being called a ‘B-grade side’ given their multiple league title victories since 2011) to Liverpool anytime soon.

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