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Liverpool Ends Sponsorship Deal Over Animal Cruelty Allegations

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Coconut water brand Chaokoh has been dropped by the club.

Liverpool Champions Mural - Old Barn Road Photo by Peter Byrne/PA Images via Getty Images

Liverpool have made the decision not to renew their contract with what was formerly their “official” coconut water brand, Chaokoh. The company has had allegations levied at them about using produce sourced unethically through the abuse of monkeys.

This allegation came from the animal rights group PETA, after an undercover investigation.

Chaokoh denied these claims, but Liverpool didn’t want to deal with the possible PR fall out of this situation. It looks like they’ll have to find another official coconut water.

Liverpool fans might remember Chaokoh as brand which gave us the ‘Let’s Break the Internet’ pitch meeting advertisement featuring Jordan Henderson, Curtis Jones, Dejan Lovren, Andy Robertson, Roberto Firmino, and Joel Matip.

The allegation is that some of their farms located in Thailand were using illegal stolen monkeys to pick the coconuts. PETA claims that this lead to “terrified” monkeys.

Whether or not the claims have merit, it was smart of the club to drop the brand.