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Klopp Talk: The Title Was One of the Best Football Moments I’ve Ever Had

The Boss shares his feelings about the title in an exclusive documentary.

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Newcastle United v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Owen Humphreys/Pool via Getty Images

The fact that Jurgen Klopp counts Liverpool’s title victory as one of the best footballing moments in his life makes complete sense: it’s a sentiment a lot of us probably share with him (despite very few of us being a football manager who has won several other league trophies before). In a new documentary that premiered on LFCTV this weekend, the Boss talks about the moment the team found out they had won the League.

“Counting the minutes, it was just incredible and absolutely one of the best football moments I’ve ever had in my life with not being in a stadium,” Klopp said in the documentary.”

“Because we were there together you could see each face. Players were sitting there, some couldn’t really watch it and stuff like this. We were all like this and it was absolutely exceptional.

“You have no idea how it will feel before it happens,” he said about the exact moment that we’ve seen via so many phone camera recordings. “It was pure joy! Massive relief in the next second and then I started crying. So I went and called Ulla [his wife]. I called my family 10 seconds before the end of the game so they watched it together. I said, ‘OK, I love you all’ and I put the phone down on the table. I said, ‘Leave your phone on so you can see what happens here!’”

The entire video is well worth the hour you spend with it.

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