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Liverpool Aim to Create a Familiar Matchday Experience

The club is taking pains to make the empty stadium feel full of energy.

Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers: Friendly Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Nothing can substitute for the roar of the Anfield crowd, but since matches are set to resume without an audience, the club is looking for ways to best simulate the matchday experience for the players as well as the fans watching at home.

First item on the list: “You’ll Never Walk Alone” will be played before each home game, just like it would normally. Though there won’t be anyone to belt it out in the stands, expect to see stadium wraps to cover the empty seats. They will also be displaying some of the famous banners and flags that are ever-present on the Kop.

The Premier League has allowed use of songs and chants to be played at appropriate times, such as after a goal is scored. While ambient crowd noise will be used on the live broadcast, Liverpool have opted out of using it on the pitch.

The first game at Anfield following the restart, the team’s match against Crystal Palace, could very well see the Reds lift the league trophy. This sort of simulated atmosphere is a crummy way to win it, but in order to keep people safe, it’s the best that they can do.

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