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Unfair To Label Keita A Flop, According To Pundit

ESPN’s Steve Nicol says it’s too early to judge Keita

Liverpool FC Portrait Archive Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

With no football happening until the lord knows when, we get to deal with people rehashing old arguments to fill up airtime on tv shows. This lead to former Liverpool man Steve Nicol talking about current Liverpool man Naby Keita.

“Yes I think it is [early to call Keita a flop].” Nicol told ESPN, the network he works for. “I think because of the strength in depth Klopp’s got in the middle of the midfield, when Naby Keita initially came in and didn’t settle very quickly, then you don’t play him because you can play other players.”

Of course, given Keita’s injuries, he’s had little time to bed in. But that doesn’t stop people from talking.

“Certain teams can bring a player in and even though they’re not hitting the heights they thought, they have to stick with him and they have to give them time.

“So I think Naby Keita, yes he hasn’t lived up to what we thought he could be just yet, I think he still can, but he will certainly need more time.

“So I’m not ready to call him a flop yet.”

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