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Klopp Weighs In On Null and Void Option

Speaking at the DFB Academy, Klopp finally responded to the likely defunct idea.

Liverpool FC Portrait Archive Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

With football stopped due to COVID-19, theories, suggestions, and keyboard experts abounded as people tried to guess how the Premier League season would end. With England’s response to the pandemic leaving something to be desired, it was inevitable that the idea of simply scratching this season out of the record books was considered.

With Liverpool 25-points ahead on the league table and a mere two victories from lifting the trophy, that option seemed particularly unjust.

Manager Jürgen Klopp remained diplomatic about the situation, but now that it looks as though the remaining games will be played out behind closed doors, the boss finally made his opinions on that topic known.

Plot twist? He was totally in favor of null and void the whole time!

Okay, I’m kidding.

“There was talk that people wanted to declare the season null and void. So you thought: ‘Huh? We have played 76 percent of the season and you just want to delete the thing?’” Klopp said when he spoke at the DFB Academy.

“That would have been something that I personally would find unfair, to just say that it didn’t happen. We are first in the home table, we are first in the away table. It is a season in which we should become champions.

“Dealing with the crisis is the most important thing. But that doesn’t mean that certain things are of no importance at all just because they are less important. I think there are worse things in life than not becoming champions. A lot of people around us have big problems. People die, it always happens, but at the moment because of a virus that we all didn’t know and for which nobody could be prepared.”

On Monday, all 20 Premier League teams agreed unanimously to begin small group training sessions this week, in what they’re calling Project Restart. The plan is for games to resume on June 12th.

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