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Wijnaldum Identifies His Teammates’ Key Attributes

Gini creates the perfect midfielder.

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Leicester City v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus

We’ve all tried the thought exercise: what attributes would you combine from which players to make the perfect footballing machine?

Gini Wijnaldum took the challenge from Sky Sports and put together the perfect midfielder using seven key attributes: leadership, engine, passing, strength, football brain, skill and goalscoring.

And how did he come down? It will be no surprise that Jordan Henderson was his model for leadership, considering his longstanding captaincy of Liverpool. The other current Liverpool player to make the cut for the Dutchman was veteran James Milner, who he complimented for his engine.

“His engine is unbelievable. I see it in the games and in training, the way he plays and how fit he is. I hope I can reach that level too,” Wijnaldum said.

The midfielder-and-occasional-leftback has continuously defied expectations by just...refusing to age. His fitness and discipline is the stuff of legend at this point, so it makes sense that Wijnaldum would admire that quality.

The final Liverpool player that Wijnaldum included in his Platonic Ideal Midfielder is Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard. Gerrard could, realistically, be cited for exceptional displays in any of the above attributes, but Gini chose to highlight his passing.

Who fits those criteria for your perfect midfielder? Take the challenge in the comments below.

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