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UEFA Consider Change In Future Champions League Qualifying

The proposal, if enacted, would have an effect on Liverpool and the whole Premier League.

UEFA Champions League Matchball and Protective Face Mask Photo by Visionhaus

In a move that would fundamentally change the current Premier League system, UEFA has proposed re-working the way that Champions League qualification works. Currently, the top four teams in England at the end of the season qualify to play in Europe’s top competition the next season.

However, starting in 2024, the governing body proposes instead, qualification will be decided by UEFA’s domestic club rankings over the last four seasons. This pretty much puts to bed the fierce competition in the Premier League for positions in the top four, with only the title really mattering in the short term. In fact, it puts to bed nearly all competition for the Champions League period.

Aside from that, teams could also qualify by winning their respective leagues or making it into the semi-finals of the Europa League.

This is...well, it sure is something.

In a statement, the FA said, “The aim of this proposal is to drive increased revenue opportunities, protect elite European club revenue streams, and meet the demands of a growing, international audience; however it would result in additional matches for English clubs (eight additional match days) in an already heavily-congested schedule, and would reduce the competition for a ‘top four’ finish in the Premier League, which has become a key feature among the ‘big six’ English clubs.”

You think? No longer could Wolves fans or Leicester City fans or Southampton fans dream about sneaking into the fourth place spot. Trying to end up higher in the table to “boost your domestic club ranking” so that, if you can consistently do that for four years, mind, you may eventually make it into the Champions League doesn’t really make the blood race.

If this plan goes through, it would be win the title, don’t get relegated, and then literally who cares?

What do you think about this proposed change to the rules?

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