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Leaked Footage Shows Liverpool Home and Away 2020-21 Kit Details

Further leaks of the new Nike kits give Liverpool fans a clear picture of what the players will be wearing next season.

It feels inevitable, when images of a new Liverpool kit leaks. First there’s always, it seems, some disapproval from fans who have grown attached to the current edition. Then comes grudging acceptance of certain elements. In the end, by the time the players are running around in them, for the most part people tend to be on board.

It was no different when leaks of Liverpool’s new home kit emerged, with fans initially taken aback by teal accents. Now, after mock-ups showing how it might look on the players and then today’s leaked video showing the shirt in better lighting—including textural detailing that looks like it might be of the liver bird—people are starting to come around.

The thick collar and cuffs combo on an otherwise straightforward red top feels very retro, like a throwback to the shirts the team wore the 1970s, and while that teal—which seems to be a nod towards the tertiary colour in the last version of the club’s badge—initially drew some criticism, we find that growing on us and think that it leads to a more cohesive, retro-inspired whole than using a tertiary colour like gold might have.

We may never entirely get used to whatever it is that’s going on with the back of the collar, but other than that there’s an awful lot to like about the new home kit. The away or third kit, on the other hand, might take a bit more getting used to.

The idea, as best we can make out, is a sketching of the Shankly Gates overlaid by the colour and finish of oxidized bronze—as on, for example, the liver bird statues on the Royal Liver Building. And if your initial reaction to that description is that it sounds interesting but like it might be a little much in practice, well, at least you can’t accuse Nike of giving Liverpool a template.

Meanwhile, it appears that the player issue kits will have ironed on badges while the fan version will have the far more popular embroidered ones.

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