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Watch: John Oliver Admits He Can’t Talk to Liverpool Players

One of us, one of us

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The only person more upset than you are about the way that this Premier League ‘season’ has played (or not played) out might just be John Oliver. The comedian and noted Liverpool FC fan went on The Late Show With Seth Meyers and talked about Liverpool’s bad luck and his poor attempts to speak to the Liverpool players.

In this three-minute clip, Oliver describes going to the locker room after a game and letting Klopp pass him by without a word and then failing to chat up captain Jordan Henderson. The one meaningful interaction he has is with Virgil van Dijk, who bizarrely recognizes him as a voice from the new Lion King, to which Oliver responds, “But you don’t have any kids.”

He then admits that this is a very personal thing for him to know about the other man, but what’s done is done.

He also talks about keeping Liverpool’s bad luck in perspective considering the state of world at the moment, which is a nice point to remember as the battle wages to try and get the Premier League back in business sometime this summer.

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