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Liverpool Meet With Players Over Deferred Wages

After reversing a decision to furlough staff, the club have turned to the players in an attempt to reduce costs.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League - Final - Wanda Metropolitano Photo by Mike Egerton/PA Images via Getty Images

The Athletic has revealed that the club hierarchy have had two separate video conference meetings over the past week with first team members to discuss potential wage deferrals.

Despite a fiscal year of record profits, a nationwide lockdown amidst the coronavirus pandemic has put Liverpool under financial pressure in the face of what is essentially an indefinite suspension of the Premier League season.

The club owners were roundly criticized for their attempts to take advantage of the government furlough program, ultimately making an about face and forgoing an approximate £1.5m in savings to continue paying the wages of non-playing staff, .

However, that figure represents a fraction of Liverpool’s £310m wage bill that includes players and coaches, Naturally, reports of meetings with the players over wage deferrals suggest that the club is looking to open discussions over what can be done.

There has been uneasiness inside Premier League boardrooms over exactly how player financial assistance to their clubs ought to be structured—a 30% wage cut or deferral in some form has been the mooted figure—with players at clubs like Arsenal reluctant to bear too much of the burden on their own.

However, while the meetings between Liverpool and the squad have not yet resulted in a solution, discussions are not said to have been acrimonious, with the club attempting mostly the occasions to spell out the financial implications of an extended league suspension.

The senior squad are also reported to have had their own meeting afterwards and have come to the understanding that compromises of some sort will most likely be required. Even so, more clarity about how the league season will be concluded will be essential prior to any concrete decision being made.

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