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Marko Grujic Opens Up About His Future

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The Serbian midfielder discusses his possible options

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Hertha BSC Traiing - Bundesliga Foto of Moritz Eden/City-Press GmbH

Marko Grujic has been on loan at Hertha Berlin for the last two seasons. The young Serbian midfielder has taken the Bundesliga by storm, becoming a highly rated young player in a top league. James Pearce of The Athletic recently talked with the Liverpool loanee about his future.

“That challenge is so big.” Grujic said. “Those boys have performed so well this season, which I’m happy about.”

‘There are a lot of quality midfielders at Liverpool. It’s honestly hard to get a chance.

”I hope that [I will speak with Jurgen Klopp] in the next few months.

”I’m sure we will sit down and discuss what is best for the club and what is best for me.

”I’m not a youngster anymore. At the age of 24, I’m at the stage when I need to be making important steps in my career.

”‘I need to think and I need to be clever about what happens next.

”Everything is still open.”