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Bundesliga Plan To Finish Season, Other Leagues Might Follow Their Lead

Liverpool’s title hopes might rely on a little German ingenuity, as the Premier League and others look to the Bundesliga for a workable model.

Liverpool FC v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Robin Jones - AFC Bournemouth/AFC Bournemouth via Getty Images

One of the most difficult aspects of this global COVID-19 pandemic is not knowing when it’s all going to return to “normal,” or whether such a thing can even exist after this is over.

On one hand, the return of football seems completely trivial when hospitals are being overrun, resources running thin, and people are literally dying by the tens of thousands (soon to be hundreds of thousands, if some Orange fuckstick “does a very good job”). On the other, if sports can return in some form, it will undoubtedly be a small mental boost for some, a small step toward normalcy, and a welcome distraction from the horror.

Although money, not mental health, is the primary concern of leagues and clubs across Europe, some plans are emerging that might prove workable, including in the Bundesliga.

According to reports, the German top flight is planning on finishing the season after April 30th behind closed doors, with minimal work forces in attendance. The scheme would involve thorough testing of players and staff prior to matches.

Of course, Germany has some advantages over the Premier League. Germany has handled the pandemic well so far. Despite having nearly three times as many confirmed cases as the UK, they have had fewer than half as many deaths. Moreover they are further along the curve, have a better idea of possible timelines going forward, and the aspects of life that may or may not be possible to return along the way.

However, if it proves to be a successful way forward, it could provide a blue print for other leagues, including the Premier League. So, you know, Liverpool can finally lift the thing.

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