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‘Secret Plan’ to Let Liverpool Lift Trophy Before League Shutdown Revealed

The growing uncertainty in the days leading up to the lead shutdown lead to some suggested workarounds.

Brighton & Hove Albion v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Victoria Haydn/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

As COVID-19 ravaged through Europe, it began to feel inevitable that the Premier League season wouldn’t be completed on the normal schedule. The problem, of course, was that Liverpool were only two wins away from winning the trophy.

In the lead-up to the final decision to suspend games, The Mirror reported that officials in the FA were considering allowing the Reds to lift the trophy on the same day that they finally, mathematically won.

The plan which had been considered would have had the Reds lifting the trophy at Anfield following the Crystal Palace match on March 21st, assuming they won their next two matches.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get to play that final Merseyside derby, nor anything after, and so the the plan was scrapped, along with pretty much everything else.

It’s impossible right now to guess how the season will shake out. The Reds could lift the trophy in June or the whole season could be scrapped or something in between.

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