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Dejan Lovren Is Concerned About Public Safety

The defender took to Instagram to talk about social distancing.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

We are living in truly unprecedented times. COVID-19 (aka the coronavirus) has forced everyone in the world to change their way of living, at least for the time being. Thousands of people have died and no one is really sure when things will get better. Obviously, this has caused a pause in the world of football. Except for transfer rumors. Those things keep happening.

Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren took to Instagram yesterday to offer a public health service announcement. Dejan had some harsh words for people who are still going about their lives in a normal manner.

Lovren posted in his native Croatian language, but the post translated reads:

“Don’t be so selfish. Do you even understand the size of the problem and the victims that medical staff is offering to us? People what’s wrong with you? If you are waiting for a review in Croatia for a few months, it is clear how much we are ready for the root. You have no humanity at all, you have no brain, no face, no respect, no education. You have nothing. While others throw themselves on your head, you just sit there and drink coffee. Shame!”

It’s definitely harsh. But it’s a serious time and people shouldn’t be going to cafes like this.

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