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Give Liverpool The Premier League Title, Says Former Man Utd Star

Even Gary Neville believes that the Reds deserve to lift the trophy—but with a catch.

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Southampton FC v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images

It has not been the proudest moments for the so-called developed world, as the failure of governments across Europe and North America to act decisively played a major part in allowing an outbreak to grow into a global pandemic.

While forward-thinking countries like South Korea can begin to the road to some semblance of normalcy after acting early and swiftly to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus infections, large swathes of Western countries are faced with a protracted struggle to contain the virus.

Confined to our homes in self-isolation, the distraction of sports many of us would turn to has been shut down, including the Premier League that Liverpool were in the midst of dominating in a record-breaking season. While the general consensus amongst the Premier League clubs has been that the season must be completed “whatever the cost,” there have been those calling to end the season now with 29 of 38 games played and hand out titles, European qualification and relegations based on the current table.

Count Gary Neville in the latter category, with the Sky pundit and former Man United star opining that the 25-point leaders should be simply handed the title:

”I say give Liverpool the league and then I keep sending the little asterisk sign, a little note next to it, ‘Liverpool won the league but...’.

”It would be an absolute doomsday scenario for football, at the end of the day football doesn’t matter at this moment in time, but it would have to be a doomsday scenario for football not to finish the existing fixtures for this season.

”I don’t see how essentially you can shift on with next season without essentially finishing those fixtures.”

The ramifications of not completing the season are most likely too costly for even the wealthiest English clubs to stomach so it is most likely that the final games will be played out one way or another. Until it is finalized however, Liverpool supporters can only hope the alternative doesn’t come to pass.

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