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Rumor Mongering: Coutinho Allowed to Return to England

It begs the question: can one ever really go back home? Also: what is home?

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Liverpool v Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Semi Final: Second Leg Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

These are uncertain times. Unsure of when the Premier League will be back and even if football as we know it will be around for a bounce back from a global pandemic.

If you’re looking for normalcy, though, there are always the transfer rumor mongers around to sate your palate. And today, they have a bit of a good old stand by.

According to reports, old friend Philippe Coutinho might be available for a return to England’s sunny temperate existent shores. As they read, the Brazilian magician’s form has not been good enough for German giants Bayern Munich. So, they are looking to allow Coutinho to return to Barcelona when his loan expires at the end of the season - whenever that may be.

Barcelona, for their part, still seem to want nothing to do with Coutinho. Which is strange, given that the change in management at the club might have offered him an opportunity to work his way back into the side, especially given at least some positive runs out for Bayern.

And so, the reports indicate that Barcelona will allow Phil to leave the club and sign with a Premier League club if a deal can be made. Which means it was only ever a matter of time before whispers of a return to Liverpool would be bandied about.

We, of course, don’t think it’s likely. And given the player’s quality and the aforementioned change over at Barcelona, we think this is all a bit premature.

Still, it begs the question: has enough time passed that Coutinho, for the right right price, might be welcomed back by the fans he spurned in 2017? Time will tell.

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