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West Ham Vice-Chair Says Liverpool Should Win The Premier League

But also says the season should be null and void anyway. She’s confused, clearly.

West Ham United - The Players Project Launch Photo by Avril Husband/West Ham United FC via Getty Images

Words are confusing, we all know that. Especially when you’re speaking on a public platform like Twitter and potentially don’t understand the words that you’re using, as a public figure. Such seems to be the case with Lady Karren Brady, vice chair-person for West Ham.

After the emergency meeting with the Premier League and club heads on Friday regarding the rest of the season, it came out that she and West Ham United were the only ones to call for the 2019-2020 season to be completely voided - advantageous for them as West Ham currently sit in 16th place. Not quite relegation, but not high enough to make money from any European tournaments either.

Following the understandable backlash, Lady Karren took to her Twitter profile on Sunday to clarify her stance.

In a two tweet thread, the Lady states: “Everyone agrees that LFC deserve to win the title. PL &EFL are doing all we can to ensure the season is finished. Including suspending games, isolating players, and if required playing games behind closed doors and into the summer months.

“My point was safety of fans, players, staff come 1st & if the remaining games just cannot be played the only fair & reasonable thing is to declare season null and void. Who knows who would have gone down or come up if the PL/EFL games have not actually been played in full?”

It starts off swell, walking back the original statement of wanting the season to be voided by saying everyone agrees Liverpool should be awarded the title. Fair enough, she’s right. With a historic 25 point gap at the top of the table and six points left before making it mathematically locked down, there is no other reason to not hand us the title, especially as it looks increasingly like this season won’t be finished.

Then she goes back to her original statement, that the only reasonable thing to do is to declare the season null and void. In the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, those words do not mean what she thinks they mean. Literally, if one were to look up the definition of “null” and “void”, they would be presented with these:

Null: amounting to nothing, or having no value.

Void: of no legal force or effect, containing nothing.

Null and void: having no force, binding power, or validity.

So to say that the 2019-2020 season should have no validity, if we’re just going by the literal dictionary definition of the phrase, directly contradicts Liverpool winning the title. If a season is null and void, no one wins and no one loses. And Lady Karren just wants to make sure she and West Ham aren’t the losers.

That being said, the uncertainty around how the relegation and promotion of teams within the leagues, should the season not be finished, is a valid concern - Leeds looked to be winning promotion for the first time in decades and now might be denied that chance. But calling for a season to be completely voided isn’t the way to repair that, either.

With us only in mid-March, the suspension due to continue until at least April 4th, and the season not due to end (as planned at least) until May 17th, there is plenty of time to hash out particulars. Except who wins the title, because it should be Liverpool.

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