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Kenny Dalglish: “The Season Must Be Completed”

The king has spoken, and the Liverpool legend believes that whenever it is safe to start the leagues up again, they should do whatever it takes to finish out the current season

Liverpool FC Legends v AC Milan Glorie - Friendly Photo by LFC Foundation/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

In times of uncertainty, everyone has an opinion. Right now, there are a lot of varying opinions on what to do with the current Premier League and other domestic league seasons. Some opinions are obviously self-serving, such as the one to cancel the season and void the results (and thus avoid relegation). Other opinions would have Liverpool handed the title without finishing out league play. In the world of football, few opinions, carry more weight - from a Liverpool perspective at least - than Sir (King) Kenny Dalglish. The King has now expressed his views on what he thinks should happen.

In a column for the Sunday Post, Dalglish posed his views that league play should be completed once it is safe to do so. To him, it is the only fair way forward.

“[W]ithout trying to guess what might, or might not, happen in the next three or four weeks, my first thought is that we must be given time to finish the competitions in our own backyard,” the Liverpool legend wrote.

“What must definitely not happen is for the 2019-20 campaign to be declared null and void. That would not be fair, and any person with football at heart would admit that would be totally out of order.”

Dalglish also went on to discuss what would need to happen from an operational standpoint to allow finishing the season to happen.

“Clubs will need at least 10 days’ notice so the coaching and fitness staff can prepare the players and give them a mini pre-season before they’re back playing again,” said the former player and manager.

“They must also make sure every squad remains intact, and that no transfers are allowed in or out. That may mean a look at restructuring the transfer window for the end of the season.”

Somehow, it’s only been a few days since the decision to suspend the Premier League and most other domestic leagues was made. It is still way to early to make any kind of decision as to what, when, and how things should happen. Plenty more opinions and plans will be floated, but as Dalglish urges, hopefully cool heads and strong leadership will prevail no matter what the course.

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