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Living Rent Free: Manchester City Fan Explodes Over Liverpool VAR Conspiracy

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Have a good start to your Monday by drinking a giant mug of Man City fan tears.

Liverpool FC v Southampton FC - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

It’s Robbie Savage and it’s BBC 5 Live, but hear me out. The popular English radio show released a clip on Twitter of a Manchester City fan ‘Statman Gary’ — almost certainly self-named — calling into the show and complaining about a VAR conspiracy to gift Liverpool the title. This eight minute clip really is a thing of beauty, as this caller gets wound up more and more.

When he brings up the Community Shield as an example of how Manchester City are better than Liverpool, it’s like the dictionary definition of a chef’s kiss gif.

Watch as this man moans about Southampton not getting a penalty, but ignores the goal that Liverpool had lobbed off because of a hairsbreadth offside decision. And just wait until Robbie brings up the Champions League.

Statman Gary is the human personification of the TaintedTitle hashtag, and his existence gives me so much joy.