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Kaka Waxes Eloquent About Liverpool Side

The former Brazil superstar has a lot to say about the current Liverpool squad.

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You know what’s great for passing away the hours during winter break? Hearing about how wonderful the current Liverpool squad is from a retired player you’ve always loved. Brazilian legend and Player Who Retired Way Later Than I Actually Thought He Did, Kaka, recently gave an interview where he talked about Liverpool’s Brazilian players and just how phenomenal they are.

“Alisson is the best goalkeeper in the world right now,” Kaka said, with 100% accuracy. ”Fabinho is one of the best midfielders and for me, Firmino and Suarez as the best strikers in the world right now.”

I suppose we need to acknowledge Suarez being a phenomenal player even though he left us. That seems reasonable, and it’d get weird if Kaka only praised the Reds. Luckily, he has a lot more to say about Reds in particular.

”Firmino is not just a striker who stays in the box all the time, he comes and gets the ball and creates the plays,” Kaka added. “For me, it’s really good to see Brazilian’s having this great success in the Premier League.”

And the success is obviously paying off for the team, too.

“It’s good to see a team playing a season like this,” Kaka said. “In a competition like the Premier League it’s very hard to have a season like this.

”They’re in very good shape, they have very good coach and very good players. Jurgen Klopp is a pioneer, he’s not afraid to try something different.”

All things we’ve heard before, and yet we really can’t get tired of hearing again.

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