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Henderson: Team is Disappointed With Draw

Yeah, buddy. Us, too.

Fulham v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Neil Hall - Pool/Getty Images

There are several team who probably just want to forget this weekend happened, and who can blame them. Liverpool, with a truly horrendous first half followed by a middling second half against Fulham Football Club, should definitely be glad they came away with a point. Still, the one good thing out of any game this bad is the lessons you can learn from it.

“We didn’t really get going until after the first 25, 30 minutes really, which in the Premier League you can’t do otherwise you get punished – and we did,” Skipper Jordan Henderson said to Sky Sports after the final whistle blew. “The good thing is we reacted well after that, finished the half strongly, came back out in the second half and dominated and maybe should’ve scored one or two more.”

“So, disappointed with the start but pleased with the reaction for the majority of the game. It was a slow start, they started really well, to give credit to them. We’ll have to look at it but [it’s] not like us.

“So, we need to move on quickly, another big game coming, but we can’t start like that going forward,” he added. “We need to start the half like we finished the first half. There were plenty of us that weren’t happy with the start – and rightly so. But like I say, it was only half-time, another 45 minutes to go and we gave everything in the second half.

Liverpool are back again on Wednesday, for some bizarre reason, when they take on league leaders, Tottenham. Fingers crossed the ridiculous pace of games and lack of recovery time doesn’t lead to yet more injuries then.

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